Top Furniture Trends In 2020

Today’s fashion world trend is something that is seen ahead or it is shifted in the way we live and work. Our desire for comfort, look, elegance and leading a sustainable life has increased in many ways. Other trends, like furnishings with a playful sensibility and seating that fosters collaboration, seemingly point to a collective desire to make more meaningful connections with our friends and colleagues and with our furniture.


  • Traditional Details


Not only today’s generation but also older ones are in love with doing experiments or mixing modern and classic elements. We feel so proud that the popularity of tradition with little modern touch has gained so much of popularity. It seems not only in furniture but also in various home decor or accessories. And it is very well said that “Old is Gold”.


  • Playful and Italian Design


Modern designers are including something modern, unique, playful, and imagination in their projects. We’ve been observing this for the past few years that these kinds of furniture are on top while choosing for their office or home. 


  • Natural Materials


People are more focused on natural materials nowadays including furniture also. They are often looking for natural and organic materials. As this the very first move to protect our environment.


  • Mid Century’s Modern Furniture


Mid-Century modern furniture pieces include sleek lines and bold colors of retro designs to create a well-sophisticated space. And this is polished to give a mesmerizing appeal. These are available in funky patterns, wood grain and textures to give the essence of iconic style.


  • Antique and Traditional Furniture


Old pieces are not unique but also they integrate sustainable products for your home. People are also searching for vintage and antiques for their home decors. This rising popularity in trend indicates a broader return to the traditional decor in interiors. 


  • Curved In Shape


Curve plays an important role in furniture be it on Sofa, Bed, Dining Table or curved-back armchairs. So it should be perfectly curved. 


  • French Modern Design


The furniture we are observing are mostly the reemergence of French Modern Designs. It can be seen in round shape in upholstery furniture, the use of a cane in wooden pieces, as well as in mirrors and accessories.


  • Functional Art


For the past years, the market for collectible designs is glowing white-hot. Younger generations are particularly taken by collectible designs over the artwork, especially from emerging designers. The idea that they can be connected to an artist and an object physically and live with it and use it is powerful and resonates with them.


  • Textured Accents


The texture is so in the trend that it has no signs of losing any kind of popularity. The texture is the new pattern when to make an unforgettable statement. 


  • Eco-Friendly Furniture


Today’s focus is on sustainability and waste-reduction which is resulting in eco-friendly furniture and will be seeing more often in upcoming years. Designers are getting more creative and making eye-catching and inspiring furniture and home decors while keeping the environment in mind. 

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