How To Protect And Preserve Valuable Wooden Furniture Against Test Of Time

Furniture Studio is the point of prestige for the household since ages. it talks about the taste and class of family in terms of choice of furniture be it sofas, dining tables, comfort chairs or wall decor. Pieces of Furniture especially wooden furniture are classy and give royal looks to every room of the house and long-lasting.  its maintenance in terms of protection and preservation requires few steps to keep in mind. To maintain furniture is a task but an extremely satisfying one.

Here are a few steps that you could take to make sure your wooden furniture lasts long against damage and against the test of time

Wooden furniture, adds warmth to every heart of household members. Every member has his or her favorite piece of furniture in the house. Any wooden piece is a centerpiece worthy of all attention. It is for this very reason that one must give it the protection and preservation of extra care and attention. But it’s extremely important to know what helps and what does not.

☑ Dusting regularly is key

A ravishing piece of furniture makes for an attractive living room. And the right amount of dusting helps in doing so. Make sure you use a soft, dry cotton cloth to wipe any remains of dust off. If you could clean your sofas, tables, etc. on a fortnightly basis, then there’s nothing like it

☑ Avoid Direct Sunlight

Be extra cautious about exposing wooden furniture to direct sunlight for long time periods. It leads to ‘spotting’ where bright and dark spots appear across the furniture. On wooden furniture, you could use a table cloth to effectively mitigate its effect.

☑ Maintain the temperature level in the house

Do away with extremely hot and cold objects on wooden furniture for better protection. Extreme temperature tends to leave an impression that may distort the original texture of the surface. Manage the exposure to a limited time period

☑ Old is gold – so have vintage value

Furniture becomes old with time and you need to let it become vintage piece graciously. Just like old wine is priceless, it may acquire a new character in its maturity. Some wooden furniture may lighten and some may darken with the passage of time. So when you buy wooden furniture in the future make sure to know about it’s an ageing process so you can preserve it for vintage value.

☑ Add extra accessories for its longevity

Use extra accessories for grand look and support to protect and preserve wooden furniture..use best quality cushion material of high density to make it last longer.

☑ Do oiling and polishing of wooden furniture

Oiling and polishing wood is highly suggested since it gives it a shiny varnish look. it adds a protective layer, a coating on the surface thereby making it look attractive .make it a point to polish every quarter and on during festivals

☑ Use Luke Warm Water For Cleaning

You should use lukewarm water and mild detergent to clean wooden furniture. Be cautious of wetting it excessively. Clean it until the dust wears off. The residual moisture can be wiped away with a cloth later.

All above steps are sure to make your wooden furniture to be protected and preserved against test of time and wear and tear if any .so following these steps will surely make for timeless memories with your chosen wooden furniture be it sofas, dining tables, comfortable chairs or wall decors .so cherish long-lasting memories with your art masterpieces in your homes 


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